Post whatever monsters drop here [In alphabetical order if possible ^^]
This'll hopefully help when it comes to crafting
[Note: Some drops are more common with certain monsters]

ITEM --------------------------- CREATURE

Animal Fluid ---------------- Little Spider [Berneo]

Animal Hoof ---------------- Hornboar, Rageboar [Berneo]

Big Petal --------------------- Green mouth [Berneo]

Broken Jaw ----------------- Little Spider [Berneo]

Broken Poison Sting ---- Little GCsidae [Berneo]

Bundle of Green Hair ---- Greenmouth [Berneo]

Good Feather -------------- Claybeak [Berneo]

Green Scale ---------------- Swampy, Swampy Sprinter [Berneo]

Hard Armpit Scale ------- Swampy, Swampy Sprinter [Berneo]

Hard Husk ------------------ Swampy, Swampy Sprinter [Berneo]
Hard Tail Scale ----------- Swampy, Swampy Sprinter [Berneo]

Insect Antenna ------------ Chonchon [Berneo]

Insect Claw ---------------- Little GCsidae [Berneo]

Insect Wing ---------------- Chonchon [Berneo]

Pointy Rib ------------------ Hornboar, Rageboar [Berneo]

Poor Feather -------------- Claybeak [Berneo]

Quality Feather ----------- Claybeak [Berneo]

Red Hide -------------------- Swampy, Swampy Sprinter [Berneo]

Sharp Insect Sting ------- Chonchon [Berneo]

Small Tooth ----------------- Little Spider [Berneo]

Tattered Wing ------------- Little GCsidae [Berneo]

Tough Shell ----------------- Little Spider [Berneo]

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